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In most cases, we can show you improved quality while converting to a faster loading image using images directly from your own Web site. We'd be glad to do a demo against a few images from your site. We will show the before and after difference in quality and weight as we've done below.

Of course, if we can have a copy of the original scan or original electronic image, we can show you an even better final Web copy. With an original image as a starting point, usually we can create a larger picture than your image and yet at a lower "weight" so that it loads faster.

The difference can make the difference in that potential customer making the call or not. Pictures do so much to convey a feeling you want your potential customer to have. Don't put low quality images with incorrect shades and color tints on your Web site.

Accept nothing less than high quality images on your Web site, just as you do for your printed brochures and other print materials.

Image Optimization:

You can easily see the difference in the sample image optimizations below. Allow us to do a study on your Web site. We'll do a trial optimization on a few images to show the difference we can make to improve how fast your pages load. When images are in need of optimization, you are most probably prematurely loosing precious site visitors.

Key Personnel photo enhancements
The first example of optimizing to a clearer and better quality image is on one of our customers client portfolio page, Positive Impact Corporation. On that page you can view the before and after images as we created professional key personnel images without the expense of a professional photographer. See Mary transform.

Before:       17kb
This is Tom Baldwin, one of our customers and the owner of In Flight Balloon Adventures. The photo lacks clarity, has a red tint overall, is somewhat heavier so slower loading (17kb versus 11kb), and has some scratchy spots to the left of his head:

Image before conversion

After       11kb
The optimized version is sharper, faster loading and has enhanced true colors. It is now 11kb (some images improve in weight much more than this). Quality improvements can be even greater if we have access to the original photo as a starting point. All of the photo samples on this page originated from actual Web images from working Web sites.
  Image after conversion

On this wedding photo, the color really came out with this optimizaion. The "weight" went up because we added a drop shadow. It went from 7k without shadow to 19k, still quite acceptable for a Web page:

Wedding Photo - before     Wedding Photo - after

Photo as on site - 29k            Small ( larger than the reduced original) optimized Pic - 4k

52k -as on site                        3K - Optimized Photo - clearer, better quality, much lighter


Susan Riding is a member of National Association of Photoshop ProfessionalsSometimes it's hard to know that there's room for improvement until you see the difference. That difference can really be so much more inviting to a potential customer.

Allow us to demo with a few images from your own Web site.

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